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Facebook is a social networking site known throughout the whole world, and for you to open an account with facebook you will be required to enter your email address for logging into your account and as well you will always receive Email notifications from facebook. As for me i really hate facebook email notification and i think it ‘s only good for those who don’t usually login to Facebook on daily basis, So that they will receive all the updates sent by Facebook via emails, though it’s a good idea to activate email notification if you dont have much friends on your list.

The reason why Facebook sent email notification to their users is not based on one thing but it’s all about each and everything. For example When any of your friends comment on your post, tag you on a post/photos, or when he share your pictures/status updates etc. The next thing you will see anytime you check your mail box is Email from Facebook notifying you about an update you have missed.

This kind of stuffs usually irritates me alot and also to most of the Facebook users So let’s see how you can make a changes in Facebook and give your Inbox a better relieve.


1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. select Account Settings.

3. Click Notifications.

4. At the Notification Settings page, click Edit button in front of Email.

5. Incase you are receiving lots of Email notification from facebook, if it’s in default it means that All notifications options would be enabled. which simply means that you will be receiving each and every notification about the activities happening on your Facebook Account, except the one which you specifically unsubscribe to.

Note: Incase if you don’t want to remove email notifications from your Facebook account completely, then you still have an option to Unsubscribe yourself from each category of Facebook Notifications via Email.

6. I will advise you to enable Only notifications about your account only, and that can
be done by clicking on security and privacy option and then after that click Close button.

7. A pop-up message will appear saying that you will not get the email updates about your Facebook activities anymore, Now Click Turn Off button to confirm it.

8. Now that you have followed my steps then you can now take a deep breath and Enjoy a Healthy Inbox without receiving any annoying notifications from Facebook anymore.

I think with this little steps you can now deactivate those irritated notifications you are receiving from facebook.

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